The online training system that easily pays for itself !

Our major clients have seen a positive Return on Investment (ROI) within a matter of months.

We’d like to see if we could do the same with you

We have outlined some indicative pricing below, but in our experience each client is different. For example, it is unlikely you will need all the add-on elements. So please take a look, then why not contact us for a no-obligation chat?


There are 3 main elements to setting up and running the portal:

  • Set up and standard customisation of the portal – £450
  • Add-ons, eg ecommerce, visual editor and custom reporting – from £40 each
  • Hosting, SSL certificate and maintenance – from £10 per month

All prices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate

The overall budget to put a Training Portal in place depends on your individual requirements.
We have helped clients put together training courses and solutions from under £1,000.
For larger clients we have managed projects that run to over £20,000 but still delivered huge positive Returns on Investment (ROI).

The costs largely depend on the amount of time and assistance we provide in developing and editing content, creating custom styling and doing bespoke programming.

Remember, whatever the costs, our clients are seeing rewarding positive returns on their investment.

Budget Scenarios

Scenario A

Client has a single portal with 250 learners, develops the content themselves with a half day (4 hours) up-front support from us, and takes standard hosting

  • Portal Set-up – £450 (one-off)
  • Visual Editor – £40 Yearly
  • Hosting (Standard) – £120 Yearly
  • SSL – £45
  • Half day up-front support – £200
  • Maintenance (Basic) – £240 Yearly
  • Combat Covid Discount -£150

£945 + VAT (with “combat covid” discount)

Scenario B

Client has a single portal with 1,800 learners, develops the content themselves with a full day up-front support from us, and standard hosting

  • Portal Set-up – £450 (one-off)
  • Visual Editor – £40 Yearly
  • Hosting (Standard) – £120 Yearly
  • SSL – £45
  • 8 hours up-front support – £400
  • Maintenance (Intermediate) – £900 Yearly
    (1,800 learners)
  • Custom Reports – £50

£2005 + VAT

Scenario C

Client has 2 portals with 10,000 learners in each, develops the content themselves with 3 days up-front support from us and dedicated hosting

  • Portal Set-up (x2) – £900 (one-off)
  • Visual Editor (x1) – £40 Yearly
  • Hosting (Dedicated) – £1,500 Yearly
  • SSL (x2) – £90
  • 3 days up-front support – £1,200
  • Maintenance (Adv) – £10,000 Yearly (20k learners)
  • Custom Reports – £100
  • Lesson Syndicator – £40 Yearly

£13,870 + VAT

Special “Combat COVID-19” Pricing

We’re in it together – we’ll beat it together

Through until at least the end of June 2020 we are giving a “stay-at-home” discount on the portal set up prices above = £300 instead of £450.

Per Portal Pricing (example)

Portal Setup

Initial Cost

Annual Licence (after first year)

Setup Site and Database £450 – –
Standard Portal Customisation included – –
LearnDash Core included £40
Broken Link Checker included – –

Add-ons (example)


Initial Cost

Ongoing Cost

Annual Licence (after first year)

E-commerce 12 £75 £30 per product we set up – –
Visual Editor £40 – – £40
Lesson Syndicator £40 – – £40
Custom Reports 3 From £50 Depends on requirements / contract From £50
Points and Awards Gamification 4 From £150 Depends on requirements / contract From £50
Virtual / Face-to-face calendar 5 £125 £50 per additional calendar £70

1 Assumes Woocommerce integrated with your PayPal account. Other payment gateways may vary the cost

2 £30 per product charge does not apply if you set up the product(s)

3 Different options available from filterable tables to fully customised reports

4 Different options available from basic points, leaderboard, through to enhanced gamification like in-portal games and progress maps

5 This option is if you want multiple calendars, eg for different managers or clients in your portal. NOTE: annual licence is for the system, ie does not depend on how many calendars you have

Hosting and Development (example)


Initial Cost

Ongoing Cost

Hosting (Standard) 6 – – £10 per portal per month
Hosting (Pro) 7 – – £50 per portal per month
Hosting (Dedicated) 8 £250 set up £125 per month
SSL certificate 9 £45 £45 per year
Content Development £50 per hour – –

6 For lower user traffic sites – shared hosting platform

7 For higher user traffic volume sites – managed server hosting platform. Discounts available from 3 Portals and above

8 A managed dedicated server for your Portals – fixed price per month, not dependent on number of Portals

9 Applied to Portals hosted through us

Maintenance and Support (example)


Initial Cost

Ongoing Cost

Monthly Maintenance (Basic) 10 – – £20 per portal per month
Monthly Maintenance (Intermediate) 11 – – £50 per portal per month
Large user base Maintenance (Advanced) 12 – – 50p per user per year
PAYG Maintenance and Support – – £50 per hour

10 For Portals up to 299 users – includes weekly database backups and management of key updates

11 For Portals between 300 and 999 users – includes daily database backups, management of key updates + 1 hour support per month

12 For Portals between 1000 – 5000 users – same as Intermediate (NOTE: the higher the number of users, more discounts available)

For Portals with over 5000 users, pricing and services by arrangement

All prices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate

Develop course material

Once the portal set up is complete, the next element is to develop the course material. This comprises of putting in the learning resources, together with any self check exercises, followed by a test / quiz to actively score your trainees or learners understanding of the course.

  • Develop course material and learning modules
  • Create the test or quiz to measure individual understanding
  • Set pass mark and compile a correct answer sheet for future reference
As outlined below, the most popular option tends to be for clients to initially input the content, then work collaboratively with our team to style the layout and graphics. Others send content in PowerPoint or PDF format for us to input as lessons and tests

The costs for course development varies with the amount of work required.
We can discuss your requirements with you and set the budget before work commences.

Hi, I am one of the easy2training avatars, helping deliver a more engaging experience

“A picture paints a thousand words” – handy if you’ve a limited time to get your point across!

It’s important to make your learning content engaging and stand out. We’ve all suffered from material we’re supposed to learn being paragraph after paragraph of monotonous text.

This is why the team at easy2training is investing in creating a whole range of still and animated graphics and avatars to help you break up and brighten up your course material

More about Graphics and Avatars – **coming soon**

Our support and maintenance arrangements are tailored to dovetail with your needs. Comprising a mix of fixed fee and per user seat licences, we work with you to optimise your support so it grows to match your success

Support and maintenance

Support that grows with your success. We can work with you to decide the appropriate back-up routine, reporting, and first / second line support arrangements for managing the portal.

  • Regular back-ups of databases and files
  • Ad hoc specialised reports run outside the standard set
  • Additional bespoke software development / integration for added functionality

We provide different levels of hosting arrangements, or if you prefer, we can work with your IT team to put an installation in place.