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Different designs for lessons

The images below show a number of different treatments of a particular lesson to give a flavour of the kind of treatments on offer.

You can pick-and-mix between layout elements, use different colours, or tell us your own ideas

Click on any of the images below to enlarge. This is best done from a larger screen device like a tablet or PC.

NOTE: you can step back and forward through the slideshow in each section by clicking the left or right of the enlarged image

You may have your own ideas already for how you’d like your lessons to look. But in case you’re looking for some inspiration, the images below show a number of variations.

Bordered lesson area with subtle shadow:

Bordered lesson area with stronger border definition:

Unbordered lesson area for a broader, clean and spacious look:

Remember these are just some examples of what can be done, but our team of designers are happy to work with you to create the look you desire.