Custom Portals

Customise Your Portal

Your Portal…Your Branding

A Custom Portal is an ideal solution for your organisation if you want to deliver online training under your own brand.

The default customising option uses your logo and organisation’s colours throughout. If you would like a more complete customisation to more fully reflect your existing online presence, just let us know.

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Option 1 – Host your portal with us


Option 2 – Host your portal yourself*

* Your hosting would need to conform to certain requirements, and we would need to work with your hosting team to handle the portal installation

How Customisation Works

1. Colours and Branding

The images below show different custom treatments of the same lesson page, both containing a video tutorial by Arthur Ellis Mental Health Support. This first level customisation shows the changes to the principal colours and the logo.

2. Customising the learning experience

Once your portal site is up and running, we can customise the area where the courses and lessons are delivered. There are two main modes to choose from – “Normal” and “Focused”.

With the Normal Mode, the Course Menu is permanently displayed on the right of the lesson content (below the lesson on mobiles). In Focus Mode the Course Menu is readily accessible on PCs, tablets and mobiles, but starts closed so the focus is entirely on the lesson content.

This page shows a number of different design options of the lesson content itself, to give some ideas as a start point: lesson designs page – opens in a new window

Deliver your Portal as a professional Web App

This is where we specify the icon and labels that appear on both Apple and Android mobile devices, and Windows PCs, when users add the Web App to their device. The examples below show the Arthur Ellis Web App installed on a Windows 10 PC, an iPhone and and Android smartphone.

What’s included

  • Your own exclusive Portal set-up on a dedicated URL
  • An SSL site certificate for security – meaning we use an https://yourdomain URL connection
  • Use of your logo and colours
  • Option for customised “state-of-the-art” web app platform – for easy distribution and access by learners on the go
  • Option to syndicate other related courses
  • Option to include your own additional information and pages
  • Option for a link in the footer, e.g. back to your main website, central support portal, employee intranet etc.

Ready to start customising? Please get in touch