The online training system that pays for itself !

Our major clients have seen a positive Return on Investment (ROI) within 15 -18 months.

We'd like to see if we could do the same with you

The overall budget to put a Training system portal in place depends on your individual requirements. We have put together solutions ranging from less than £2,000 to over £15,000

Remember, whatever the costs, our clients are seeing rewarding positive returns on their investment.

The way it works

Whichever route you choose, the first part of the process is the same. We set up, customise and configure an Easy2 TMS portal exclusive to you.

  • Set up of portal under its own domain
  • Customise the design to suit your brand
  • Configure elements such as registration, management access and reports

The first step is to set up, customise and configure your own Easy2 Training Management System (TMS) portal. We provide different levels of hosting arrangements, or if you prefer, we can work with your IT team to put an installation in place.

Next comes the part where the learning modules and courses are added. As outlined above, the most popular option tends to be for clients to provide material in PowerPoint form for our team to input, but you can edit course material yourself too.

Input course material

Once the portal set up is complete, the next element is to input the course material. This comprises of putting in the learning resources, together with any self check exercises, followed by a test / quiz to actively score your trainees or learners understanding of the course

  • Input course material and learning modules
  • Create the test or quiz to measure individual understanding
  • Set pass mark and compile a correct answer sheet for future reference

The costs for inputting course material vary with the amount of work required.

We can discuss your requirements with you and set the budget before work commences

Support and maintenance

Support that grows with your success. We can work with you to decide the appropriate back-up routine, reporting, and first / second line support arrangements for managing the portal.

  • Regular back-ups of databases and files
  • Ad hoc specialised reports run outside the standard set
  • Flexible arrangements for first-line and second-line customer support

Our support and maintenance arrangements are tailored to dovetail with your needs. Comprising a mix of fixed fee and per user seat licences, we work with you to optimise your support so it grows to match your success.

Give it a try

You can try out a quick sample course which will give you a flavour of the Easy2 Training TMS. Just click on the button to try it out on on your PC, tablet or mobile