ECG Training

ECG Training Ltd is a medical training company working with healthcare professionals to provide a range of face-to-face courses, together with a growing number of online courses

Our remit was to provide a simple, easy-to-use training platform to house their online healthcare courses, which could grow with them and would complement their face-to-face training.

They needed an automated learner management system, and an engaging house-style for the courses, together with the capability for in-house staff to edit and update the courses.

Both the training platform and the courses themselves needed to be accessible from mobiles and tablets, as well as PC.

Working with us to customise the system, has enabled ECG Training to deal with a diverse range of requirements from their customers. And they have now had thousands of users going through their online courses, with a lot of unsolicited positive feedback:

In terms of course development, they develop the course content, which is then input by our experienced staff, who have a background in developing interactive education and training. Jane Lambert, Director of ECG Training was kind enough to say “Thanks for this, great to have your eye over things too, as it adds so much.“