A simple, flexible online Training Management System

Introducing Easy2 Training, an online Training Management System (TMS) that allows for the creation, editing, management and delivery of training content to your employees or customers

In-house or external training that looks good and works well on any device

Providing a superb
Return on Investment

Clients who are using Easy2 Training have seen at least a
400% Return on Investment (ROI) in less than 18 months

Online training enables you to save money when training in-house and
to make money when you’re selling to clients and end users.

With the huge advantages on accessing courses at any time and from any device, everybody wins.

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Do you have untapped potential?

Why not contact us to have a chat about knowledge you have within your organisation which could make or save you money.

Who benefits from online training?

Business owners, employers, finance, management, learning and training providers, customers, employees and students.

Usage: any time, anywhere, any device

Benefits to employers include not having to take staff away from their day jobs, avoiding the need to get a number of staff available at the same time, and with individual scoring and feedback, the ability to check how well all trainees understand the material.

Benefits to employees include not having to travel, the option to carry out training at times that suit (eg on the train), each person can learn at their own pace, they can test their knowledge and have easy reference to core subject matter 24 / 7.

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What would work best for you and your company?

Multiplatform and Multimedia
a powerful combination

Watch the video

A quick overview of what Easy2 Training could do for you. Our short video will take less than 3 minutes of your time AND show you an example of what we can produce using 2D animation - ENJOY!


Our unique chameleon software provides a comprehensive multiplatform experience

As well as using easy2 Training on traditional computers, mobiles and tablets, we can also support Smart TVs and Games consoles

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  • Upload photos and images
  • Custom graphics
  • Voiceover audio
  • Animated GIFs
  • 2D animations
  • 3D animations
  • Video shoot & edit
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